Gerry's Wrap

Gerrys Gluten Free Wraps

These Wraps are so good.

Gerry's Wrap PacketYou know how sometimes you feel like a Wrap instead of a Sandwich. Then when you make it you wish you hadn’t because it falls to bits in front of your Eyes.
These Wraps don’t seem to, well not for me, Heat, Fill and Eat, no Mess.
Yeast Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, GM Free and ideal for Pizza Bases.
There are 6 Wraps in each Packet and I found them at my local New World Supermarket.

Best of all if you don’t eat all the Wraps straight away they can be Frozen.
There are some really helpful tips on the back of the Packet.

I had a look at Gerry’s Website, there are some awesome Recipes to try.

The Photo above shows a Chicken Wrap I made for my Lunch.

Heat the Wrap for 1 minute on high in the Microwave.
Spread with Pesto then Avocado.
Add some shredded Chicken, sliced Tomato, Beetroot, Cucumber, crumbed Feta and top with Lettuce.
Add a Dressing if you wish.
Wrap and Eat.

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