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Two members of my family have decided to throw me into the deep end and have presented me with this Blog to produce.

I have a Husband who has given me immense support, a Daughter who has a Partner and two precious little Girls. A Son and his Wife are the two main instigators, both being Web and Graphic Designers.  “Cloud Zone”  www.cloudzone.co.nz   and   “Codetrix”  www.codetrix.co.nz

A great Christmas Present, hope I can do it justice. I feel like a Duck swimming on a Pond, calm on the surface but my legs are going like hell under the water.



Over the years I have had a few Health issues, one being Endometriosis which posed a problem at a very early age.
Later on in Life I have decided I want to do the upmost to give myself the best shot at achieving Longevity, being Healthy and Happy towards my Twilight Years.

On the road to this new revelation I decided to seek help by trying Integrative Medicine with Doctor Steve Joe. It was also suggested by him that I have a Food Allergy Test done, this was to show Foods that perhaps didn’t agree with me.

Whilst I’m not Coeliac, a Gluten Free Diet was also suggested which I tired and noticed straight away a huge improvement in my Health.


I can remember when I first started out on this life-long change for better Health when going to the Supermarket.
Thinking back it must have been horrific for any-one who accompanied me because I would stand in the aisles and read ALL the Labels pondering over what to do with this or that.
Congratulations to predominately all Supermarkets these days, they seem to have all Gluten Free items in the same area. I have also found Bin-Inn type places cater extremely well, buying by bulk has its advantages too, this can be a lot CHEAPER.


The desire to Cook and Bake consumes my whole Soul.
I find great pleasure and satisfaction in creating new Recipes and cooking for Friends and Loved Ones.
The feeling of being able to bring People together with Food around a Table whether it be a Happy Occasion or Sad. The Tears, Laughter, Noise, it’s all so special, it has remembrance.
I think it helps to keep you connected and most importantly it doesn’t have to be a really elaborate Meal, it could be just a Coffee and a slice of Cake.
I would rather buy a Food Magazine than a gossip Magazine any day.
Instead of reading a Romantic Novel when going to bed which would send shivers down my Husband’s back, yes you’re right it is a Food Magazine.


I have found with a little bit of tweaking here and there you can change some recipes to Gluten Free.
Sometimes the Door or Window opens and a flying object is seen spinning through the air and me hoping no one has seen.
Suddenly you hear the words, “not if you want them to fly”. CAUGHT


Enough writing and lets get Pen to Paper or in this case Fingers to the Keyboard and produce some yummy, healthy and tempting Recipes…..


Take a look at what else I have been up to in my spare time, Decoupage, “Papered Wishes”
I have been selling some of my Products on www.craftmarket.co.nz

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